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5 Things Brands and Toddlers Have in Common. Spoiler: It''s Not Just the Tantrums.

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Clare Jones By Clare Jones

Picture this: You're standing in the aisles of a toy store, watching a toddler have a meltdown over a Peppa Pig lunchbox. As you cringe, empathize, and giggle (just a little bit), it suddenly hits you: Brands and toddlers? They're not as different as you'd think. So, dear marketers, buckle up because we're exploring 5 ways your beloved brand has more in common with a tantrum-throwing tot than you might imagine.

  1. Boundless Curiosity Think back to the last time you were with a toddler. Remember being bombarded with questions like, "Why is the sky blue?" or "Where does chocolate come from?" Toddlers are natural-born explorers, driven by curiosity, and wouldn't it be delightful if brands behaved in the same way? Just like toddlers, brands must ask questions, explore new territories, and keep their fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing consumer landscape. It's no 'Toy Story 4' adventure, but it's for sure a wild ride!

  2. Making a Mess (and Learning from It) Ever watched a toddler eating spaghetti? It's a disaster scene splattered with a Bolognese modern art masterpiece. But what's important is they're learning - about gravity, texture, taste, you name it. Brands, like our little pasta-loving Picasso, need to take risks and make some messes. It's only through these saucy situations that brands can learn what works and what doesn't. And who knows, after a few spaghetti-slinging mishaps, you might create a Mona Pizza of a marketing strategy!

  3. Attention, Attention! You've seen it, I've seen it - the toddler performing an impromptu Riverdance because they have a new pair of shoes. Like toddlers, brands constantly crave attention and will do almost anything to get it. That's where the creative, bold, and sometimes over-the-top marketing strategies come into play. It's all about those shiny new shoes and getting your audience to watch your jig. But remember, even the Riverdance had to have rhythm and style - so should your brand's performance.

  4. The Power of "No" "No" - a toddler's favorite word and a marketer's secret weapon. As much as we love to please, sometimes it's crucial to stick to your brand's identity and say no to strategies that don't align with it. Just as a toddler remains steadfast in refusing broccoli, a brand should remain steadfast in its core values and visions. So, remember, when facing the broccoli of unaligned opportunities, channel your inner toddler and assert a firm "No".

  5. Comfort in Familiarity Ever tried to replace a toddler's favorite teddy bear with a newer, shinier version? Yeah, good luck with that. Toddlers find comfort in the familiar, and so do customers with their favorite brands. Consistency, reliability, and familiarity breed trust and loyalty. So, while it's important to innovate and keep things fresh, don't replace the old teddy bear; just give it a snazzy new bow tie.

Embracing your brand's inner toddler might just be the key to a successful, relatable marketing strategy that resonates with your audience. After all, who can resist the charm, curiosity, and unfiltered authenticity of a toddler?

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