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Turkey Of The Week: Amazon Joy Ride

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Clare Jones By Clare Jones

In the glittering constellation of holiday adverts, Amazon's 2023 Christmas ad emerges as a Narragansett turkey among the flock, resplendent and rare. For those uninitiated, the Narragansett turkey, a breed with roots as deep and complex as a Charles Dickens novel, is known for its calm demeanor and robust frame, much like the venerable ladies featured in the ad.

These matrons of merriment, like the Narragansett, possess a heritage rich with stories and a zest for life that only comes from years of strutting through life's ups and downs. As they take their sleigh ride downhill, cushioned by Amazon's offerings, they invoke the Narragansett's distinctive plumage—each feather representing the myriad experiences that come with age, glistening with the wisdom of a life well-lived.

The Narragansett turkey is lauded for its survivability, a trait these cinematic dames embody as they navigate the snowy descent with Amazonian assistance. This is no ordinary sledding jaunt; it's a homage to enduring friendships and the reclaiming of youth, much like the preservation efforts that have safeguarded the Narragansett's lineage for future generations.

Amazon’s choice of soundtrack, The Beatles’ "In My Life," is the perfect accompaniment to the ad's narrative. It's akin to the rich, melodious gobble of the Narragansett, which resonates with a depth of character and a touch of the wild, echoing through the ages and stirring the soul with its rare and distinctive call.

In a marketplace cluttered with the common Broad Breasted Whites of holiday ads, Amazon's offering is a heritage breed. It’s not just a commercial; it’s a conservation effort, safeguarding the essence of Christmas cheer against the homogenization of the holiday season. This ad, like the Narragansett turkey itself, is a triumph of selective breeding, combining the finest elements of storytelling, emotion, and cinematography into a rare bird indeed.

So, as we carve into the seasonal festivities, let us not overlook the beauty of this ad. It is a masterclass in marketing, akin to the Narragansett turkey's majestic presence at the holiday table—both are to be savored, celebrated, and, most importantly, shared.

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